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Mentorship & Matriculation

Career development requires careful planning, time, and guidance. We believe that mentorship is an invaluable resource to refine this process for best results. Enhancement of the professional welfare of our members is a top priority as a matter of growth within psychiatry and also public health.


The underserved field of psychiatry within the Americas and abroad requires deliberate out reach to improve access to care.  Provision of technical assistance and psychiatric education here and overseas is our way of bridging this gap.

International Programs

NAPA collaborates with clinicians in Nigeria to ensure dissemination of information needed to distribute the best possible treatment to those in need. Open communication between members in the Americas and abroad is invaluable to advancing our mission. Our members abroad are able to access clinical support in real time. We look forward to supporting development of new treatment protocols and utilization of telemedicine to reach as many people in need as possible.

My Approach
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